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How do you feel in your body, your mind currently? Do you desire energy, passion and joy? Your breath is the gateway for optimum heath and full body functioning.

Did you know? The human body is about two-thirds oxygen. Each breath, every day, every cell requires oxygen. The more we breathe it in, the more our bodies regulate, balance and regenerate.

How O2 Oxygen serves us

Molecular oxygen, known as O2, is essential for cellular respiration in aerobic organisms. In the human body, the available oxygen is absorbed by the blood stream via the lungs, is then transported to the cells where an elaborate process takes place. The living cell is the site of tremendous biochemical activity called metabolism. This is the process of chemical and physical change which goes on continually in the human body; build-up of new tissue, replacement of old tissue, conversion of food to energy, disposal of waste materials, reproduction. All of these are the activities that we characterize as “life giving.” Every function of our billions of cells is driven by O2 absorption. Appropriate levels of oxygen are essential to support proper cellular respiration. This varies depending on many factors, health conditions, altitude and environment.

Oxygen is used as an electron acceptor or fuel in each mitochondria, which are the powerhouses or “brain” of the cell. The nutrient compounds, inside of the cell, are oxidized through complex enzymatic processes. Oxygen is found in almost all biomolecules that are important to, or generated by life. Only a few common complex biomolecules, such as squalene and the carotenes, contain no oxygen. Of the organic compounds with biological relevance, carbohydrates contain the largest proportion by mass of oxygen. All fats, fatty acids, amino acids, and proteins contain oxygen. Science shows us the only living cells that do not need oxygen are some anaerobic bacteria that obtain energy from other metabolic processes. These can drain energy from us, depleting reserves needed for regeneration and important system and tissue functions.

Do you need more Oxygen?

Improper respiration causes oxygen deficiency. Decrease of oxygen supply to the brain is common, even though there may be adequate blood flow. Often caused by a sedentary lifestyle, pollution in our air, shallow breathing or a limited breathing capacity. Unfortunately, this can create fatigue, depression, irritability, poor judgment and potential long term health problems. Increasing the oxygen supply to the brain and nervous system can increase energy, clarity, and boost all our body’s functions. Take the time to slow down, become aware, and hydrate. Ask yourself “Am I breathing now or holding my breath?”

  • Deep breathing can be considered the most important of all the functions of the human body, as all the cellular regeneration depends on it. Use the full capacity of your lungs by expanding both the chest and lower abdomen. Practice deep inhaling for a few minutes every day. Don’t hold it. Deep breathingalso contributes to moving the lymph. If you feel low energy, try inhaling slowly with a count of 2 – 4.

  • Brisk walking, body stimulating exercises, eating green leafy veggies are easy options that quickly support efficient blood saturation with precious oxygen molecules(O2). Aerobic exercise increases the capacity of the heart to pump blood and increases the capacity of the lungs.Recent scientific research found that relatively high-intensity aerobic exercise puts aging on hold for up to 12 years.

  • Oxygen bars (O2), or Ozone hydro-therapy (O3) are locally offered options where symptoms of low oxygen (inflammation, nausea, headache, sleeplessness, pain or fatigue) are quickly abated. Consider using oxygen / ozone for accelerated sports and fitness training to reduce inflammation and recover fast.

  • Drink more water. To stabilize oxygen blood levels, always avoid alcohol and be sure to drink plenty of clean water. A recommended water (H2O) intake is 2-4 quarts daily. If you’re feeling thirsty, the body is telling you to drink more water. Drink enough until your urine is clear. Pure H2O water carries the electrical impulse and information through all our tissues.

A regular oxygen regimen improves overall health, alertness, reflexes, memory and intelligence. As oxygen levels increase due to exercise, or O2 / O3 oxygen therapy, a greater volume of the lungs is perfused, allowing the body to reach its CO2/O2 exchange respiration requirements. The human body represents one of the most perfectly designed and coordinated structures. All of these structures are held in coherence by an inherently intelligent network of systems, which work synergistically 24/7 to keep us alive and well.

Dive into your full potential for health and wholeness with these simple and effective tools for life, health and longevity. Understanding that everyone’s body has the inner wisdom to heal, we’ll transform stress into success, and explore new dimensions of health in support of your journey.

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